We keep a large selection of frames in stock in the most fashionable brands. We often update inventory so we can offer you the latest in eyewear selection. Our eyewear is all of the highest quality and is warranted for 2 years.We invite you to come and browse our selection! 

Brands that we currently carry include:

Banana Republic



Chesterfield XL



INVU Sunwear

Jimmy Choo

Juicy Couture (girls)

Kate Spade

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marchon NYC

Maui Jim

Micheal Ryen


Nine West



Pro Design Denmark

Ray Ban

Scott Harris

Totally Rimless

Vera Bradley 





















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June 21, 2018
Cataracts Blog header One of the more common questions that comes up in our office is "What are cataracts?"  They are one of the more common things we see in practice, and generally are one of the most treatable forms of vision impairment. Cataracts 101: What exactly are cataracts? Inside the eye, there is a natural lens that allows us to f...
April 12, 2018
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