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Here in Mt. Juliet, we are fortunate in that we will get to experience a total solar eclipse!

Did you know that in our solar system, the Earth is the only planet that experiences a total solar eclipse?  So, don't make plans to go planet hopping anytime soon.  ;)  This will be the first total solar eclipse in the continental US in 38 years.   Nashville is the only major city in the path of totality, and we should experience a little more than 2 minutes of it.  We'll be getting lots of visitors.

To safely view the eclipse, you should wear certified eclipse glasses.  Beware- there are knock-offs in circulation.  Sunglasses, no matter how awesome, are not enough protection against damaging rays of the sun. You will need to wear these sunglasses for all phases of the eclipse except the totality phase, when the sun is completely blocked. 

If you're driving, please pull off the road to a safe viewing area (not the shoulder... a parking lot would be a better choice).  And please, don't wear your eclipse glasses while driving.  They are extremely dark and we hope this goes without saying, but they're not safe for that.

You will need to have your eclipse glasses on again before the sun starts peeking through.  Make sure you aid small children.

Eye safety is no joke!  The sun can cause some serious and permanent damage to the eyes and an eclipse is no exception.  In fact, it's almost worse because you're staring at the sun on purpose.

What happens if it's cloudy or raining?  Well, it will put a damper on things, but we will still experience some cool stuff like darkening and temperature dropping.  So everyone cross your fingers for sun!




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